KAISER PERMANENTE  Total Health Environments Design.
Great brands evoke emotional experiences. Great brands don't leave details to chance.
When members and visitors come to Kaiser Permanente they expect to experience the “Total Health” promise. The Total Health Environment initiative began as a study into creating a distinct and consistent experience across Kaiser Permanente buildings and to provide a setting for care that was consistent with the company’s brand promise of “Total Health.” A successful project, from the point-of-view of the management team, would generate attainable and relevant design solutions to enable quality human experiences at our facilities and would generate strategies for implementing these solutions across all eight Kaiser Permanente regions. 
Five key questions related to what people experience in a health care setting: 
Can an environment inspire, influence, and communicate good health, or at least avoid negative effects that could be detrimental to good health? 
Are there universal design elements that influence our members’ interactions within a health care environment? 
Are the processes, expectations, and experiences of members different for a medical office visit than a hospital stay? 
Do people consciously perceive and respond to their surroundings, to what extent, and how? 
Can design influence peoples’ experiences in our spaces?