Partnering with Frank Becker in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, School of Human Ecology, this course aims to integrate design methods and thinking into traditional research constructs to enhance innovation and generate transformative and meaningful ideas.
The course has several goals:
Introducing students to relevant research literature on health, well-being and design.
Familiarizing students with current issues in hospital planning and design, and the health industry.
Developing an understanding of the many factors that influence health and well-being, including regulatory factors, new technologies, market competition, rising consumer expectations, concerns about safety and security, corporate culture and management philosophy, family dynamics, income... 
Developing methods and methodologies to translate their own analysis and study of the literature into feasible and innovative design recommendations.
"We have fun, work hard and long, take sushi lessons, eat lots of pizza and weird food, grow and bond, and leave changed and expanded."