AMAZON  Advance Concept and UX Design Department.
With increasing growth, the client needed new, and more space. It was the desire to create an environment that better aligned with how this group worked, and became a tool to recruit the best talent - organic growth, visual excitement, ease of access to others, seamless communication, and "culturally different. The design and material language of the space took on a distinct personality of its own, differentiating it from other departments and buildings. With bold, geometric graphics spanning the entire core of the building, soft hanging walls, colored glass that projects light and color into the space, custom furniture elements, free flowing teaming areas, and a large interconnecting stair well between floors that is integral to meeting and public spaces. Presentation and communication areas are designed for specific usage with soft walls for public discussion that only requires visual differentiation, and hard walls for acoustical/verbal seclusion. 
The space ultimately represents and supports the big ideas and thinking of the teams.